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Swift M3 Series
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Swift M3 Series

The M3 series combines 3 microscopes in one! The M3 allows you to view both microscopic specimens, by using the compound objectives (4X, 10X, and 40X), and macroscopic specimens, by using the 1X macro objective. It is cordless, using energy efficient, rechargeable LED illumination, and compact so it is ideal for both classroom and field work applications. Through the unique configuration of objectives, the M3 achieves a magnification range of 10X-400X. Switching from compound to macro use is easy to accomplish by changing the objectives and adjusting the stage positions. All metal construction makes it durable for use in any environment. The unique tripod base keeps it sturdy even on rugged outdoor surfaces.



A truly unique concept in microscopy! The M3-F forensic microscope offers professional features at a highly competitive price point. Use the M3-F's revolutionary technology to compare images in both micro and macro environments. The M3's dedicated macro lens, with a large working distance, allows you to view not only bullets but also larger more bulky, "evidence" items. Swift's powerful optical system allows for images to be seen either 100% from the left microscope, 100% from the right, side-by-side, or overlapping. The M3-F is the first and only comparison microscope at this price level that can achieve overlapping of images.

With the optional C-mount adapter, you can easily attach any C-mount ready imaging device. Motic Trace, a forensic comparison software program, is also available and sold as an additional application.

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    M3-M: Monoc. 4x,10x,40x Obj., 1x Macro. Obj. Cordless LED Top and Bottom, M3-B: Binoc. 4x,10x,40x Obj., 1X Macro. Obj. Cordless LED Top and Bottom, M3-F: Trinoc. 4x,10x,40x, Obj., 1X Macro. Obj. Cordless LED
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