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  • Labomed TCM 400 Series
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    Cell culture analytics, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) work, and imaging fluorescence stains are made easy with the TCM 400 and a host of accessories that make the modular system a researcher's favorite tool. High-performance optics configured and a durable, compact footprint make the TCM 400 inverted microscope ideal for modern workstations.


    tcm-1LWD series long working distance objectives and a well-designed phase/brightfield illumination system yield sharp contrast. A long working distance 0.8 N.A. phase condenser accommodates media containers with ease.

    TCM 400 will seamlessly integrate with Labomed's suite of high-performance iVu cameras, enabling image capture and archiving of all important findings.

    With an efficient 50W mercury HBO illuminator, a simple fluorescence kit can be added to the TCM 400 inverted microscope with a host of filter options, making the TCM 400 ideal for viewing a variety of fluorescence stains.




    TCM 400 Inverted Phase: Siedentopf Binocular head 30deg. incline 360deg. rotatable, IPD 48-75mm, WF10X Eyepieces, Reverse angle quadruple nosepiece, Infinity Corrected LW series (long working distance) Phase Plan Achro. Objectives: 4x, 10x, 20x, Fixed Stage 160mm x 240mm, Condenser NA 0.30 (suitable for Phase Contrast/BF w/ phase contrast slider) Transmitted Illum. 30W (H) 100V-240V Universal. Includes dust cover, fuse, and cleaning cloth.

    P/N: 7125500:

    Same as (P/N: 7125000), but with a Trinocular Observation Head.

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    Same as (P/N: 7125000), but with a Binocular Ergo-Tilting Observation Head.

     P/N: 7127000:

    Same as (P/N: 7125000), but with Fluorescence Kit - Including: ( Excite: 450-490nm/ Barrier: 515nm/ Dichroic: 500nm), G-Extension (510-550nm/ Barrier: 590nm/ Dichroic: 570nm) filters, Brightfield Slot, Equipped with UV Shield, 50W AC Mercury Illuminator (Centerable and Focusable), 100V-240V Universal.

     P/N: 7128000:

     Same as (P/N: 7127000), but with a Trinocular Observation head.

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